Monetize Your Content, Maximize Your Reach

Introducing Paygo: a Micropayment Pay-per-Read solution that augments your existing subscription paywall. Our turnkey SDK offers your non-subscribing visitors access to the content they’re willing to pay for. Say goodbye to lost revenue.
Turn site visitors into readers
Casual visitors aren’t ready to subscribe yet; but they’re here and ready to pay. Let them Pay-Per-Read.
Increase your market potential
Only 8% of Americans have 2 or more subscriptions; now monetize the rest.
Give consumers what they want
Quit selling out to aggregators. Paygo offers visitors frictionless access to your content but on your site, with your brand, at your price.

Own Your Experience

At Paygo, we believe that publishers should control their content, their brand, on their site. We streamline the user experience while getting out of the way, so your brand and content can take center stage.
Paywall Branding
Article Status
Article Pricing
Article Meta

Monetize Your Way

Paygo lets you monetize your content on your terms: you set the price and the rules -- we do the rest. With Paygo, charge several cents for Pay-Per-Read access profitably, while still earning 10X revenue per article compared to running ads.
Checkout Module
Tipping Module
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Credit Card

Works Anywhere

Ready to monetize your international visitors? Social media traffic? AMP sessions? Paygo gives you audience-control of the Pay-per-Read option so you can offer it to specific, low conversion cohorts to minimize risk and maximize new revenue.
Embedded Checkout
Express Checkout
Hosted Checkout

Protect Your Content

Paygo offers a turnkey SDK that guards your content and communicates everything from user authentication to content purchased with your website. Simple setup, existing traffic, new revenue.
User Authentication
Content Ownership
Content Purchased
Content Unlocked

Keep Track

Paygo tracks everything from site visits to funnel activity and article conversions so your team can analyze performance and adapt quickly.
Site Visits
Funnel Activity
Conversion Rates

View Our SDK Live

Checkout these articles to see our SDK in action. Want more? Contact our team for a private demo catered to your business.
Paygo Checkout Demo

Thank You Teachers

Dan Rather
There has been so much upheaval, so much sadness, so many reasons to be dejected and deterred. And yet every day, across this vast and diverse country, women and men get up and set about on one of the most important tasks facing our nation...
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Paygo Tip Demo

The Press and the Party of No

Dan Rather
The Biden Administration is finding a familiar answer to everything it is trying to do from the Republicans on Capitol Hill. It is the same answer that Biden saw up close when he was Vice President in the last Democratic administration.
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